Bad Blood Does not Destroy Life, It Destroys the Soul

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Bad Blood Does not Destroy Life, It Destroys the Soul

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I am not going to pretend that I know or understand any member of Pantera or the preceedings that led to the downfall of the music or their friendship. St. Darrell Abbott, patron saint of Guitar's passing was a tragedy that I wish had never happened. I give my deepest sympathy to his family and friends. They all suffered a great loss that some may never understand not having that bond that unfortunatly few ever get to experiance. With that said, I am a bit disheartened by the actions that reportedly took place surrounding the very somber funeral procession. Despite what may have or not have happened (remember, Im on the outside looking in on this) I feel that the late Mr. Darrell Abbott was not given the opportunity to recieve an apology that he deserved to hear, even though he had passed on. Everyone experiances bad blood in one form or another, but I don't think that anyone has the right to say that a person who felt close to someone, regardless their personal feelings, that they may not attend someone's funeral and pay their respects. I have nothing but great respect for Vinnie, his family, and friends and the other members of the former Pantera crew. They have experianced something I would never want anyone to, but in saying that, I can't help but feel in their frustation, greiving, and rage that they forgot (even if for just a moment) that everyone deserves to say goodbye. Everyone derserves a chance to apologize. Everyone deserves a chance to say " I love you, I was wrong. I can not undo what is done. I can only move on. But I wanted to tell you, even though to some it may be too late." Even after we pass, I feel that we can still look down and see what we have left behind. Funeral's are not meant to be a stage of rememberance of why in our lives we fight or destroy each other. Why we hurt the ones we love. Its not to dwell on the past evil we have commited to each other. Its a way to remember the good of the love we have lost. To celebrate the joy that this person has put in our lives. Its a chance to put everything aside and focus on the person we miss. The person that brought us there. To say " Man, I fucking hate you and want to blow your brains out, but you knew this person. You do have the right to be here. What happened between you two is between you two. Despite that I may have been involved. This is not about me." Losing someone close to you is hard. It insights a rage and anger that many of us can't control and don't understand. But in those moments, we all have to try and understand that a lot of this anger is because our loved one has passed. Mixing that with the pain that we feel from the other party can create a molotov cocktail waiting to be thrown. But how much has anger already robbed us from the things in life that are deserving.

I know this post will probably draw fire. Im not trying to upset anyone, or say anyone is wrong in the situation that came about. I wasn't part of that family. I did not get to experiance Dimebag Darrell and the chaotic spell of energy he created. But I do know loss. I do know anger, and I do know pain. So in closing I just hope that all members can one day come together. Talk face to face without the walls and the hate. Say what they need to say, and in the realize that even through the muck, the turmoil, and the pain that deep down, they still love each other. We all wrong each other at some point. Its the moments that we realize it and make our amends and find our ability to forgive that defines us. And that my friends, is what truly brings peace.
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StephaniJo wrote: Everyone deserves a chance to say "I love you, I was wrong."
standard way of saying you're sorry? :lol: :lol:
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This touched me in ways that if my wife touched me that way I'd say "Oh, that's nice".
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Post your tits or pussy.
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Browns Town wrote:Post your tits or pussy.
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BassPhemy wrote:This touched me in ways that if my wife touched me that way I'd say "Oh, that's nice".
:lll: :lll: :lll: :lll: that couldn't have been funnier
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It was over 2 years ago. This has all been said and done. :zzz:
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everyone here read all of that
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buck satan wrote:everyone here read all of that

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what the fuck? :shock:
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