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 Post subject: What does it all mean?
PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:13 pm 
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"Maybe that's the answer "

Like an idiot, Peter had to ask I don't know whether to get an apartment or move aboard Love Boat Baylis," the young officer said Honey, I'll swear you haven't lived until a toothless old man goes down on you! He damn near turned me inside out "

Anne glared at Peter, her pale blue eyes sparkling with hurt and anger Hate mail began to arrive, addressed to Godless Fag Lovers and Antichrist Bastards A familiar tiny spark of electricity tingled in his scrotum when the moist tip of her tongue touched his lip "

Peter accepted the officer's card and thanked him for his advice "Yes," she said, "I never expected it, although I suppose I should have, after those crazy ideas you've put into his head! He also said he recognized his responsibilities and would be generous in our settlement "

She rubbed her thinly covered breasts against his shirt front "Didn't you make it with her?"

Anne flushed at the thought of the times she had spend with Marge " She spat the word out Nevertheless, he was only a few minutes late He was cuddling me against his furry body, stroking my arms and shoulders, and I began to tingle a little; you know what I mean I don't think you want to see it Luckily, we found a counselor who helped us get back on track "I have to pee," he said " She paused, then added, "Look, Pete, I don't want to see you get hurt more than you already have been, and I'm really afraid that's what will happen During a commercial, Gordon turned to me and said, `Anne, I want out of our marriage Her expression was solemn "He told me to be very careful and not to open the door to strangers, but that doesn't mean that you should turn tail and run!"

"There's got to be more that we can do, Peter said If I were you, I'd be careful about keeping the window shades drawn at night, and the car locked in the garage Her eyes, however, were solemn and far older than her appearance "Mr "

Peter paused, lost in thought " she said "You're stirring up a hornet's nest for no purpose other than the doubtful advantage of getting half a dozen queers to vote for you I was afraid to go to bed alone, so he came upstairs to tuck me in, and I made him stay "

Peter was instantly contrite and secretly ashamed of what he considered his cowardice

Doc agreed Peter wondered, as he watched the young officer walk to his patrol car, how often the police had been summoned to this neighborhood before he entered politics `Someone tossed a beer bottle through the kitchen window while I was watching the news,' he said I love you and I want to be with you as much as I can He was willing to guess not often "I'm not sure I ought to tell you," she said "That was different "OK," he said grimly, "if you're willing to take your chances, I guess I am, too! But I still think I ought to call Doc I had to get out of the house, so that evening, after supper, I went shopping; I was gone only an hour or so, but when I got back, it was dark He literally soothed me to sleep "I'm not sure there will be a next time, my boy; I'm not a young man, you know; she'd be more than a match for a dozen old men like me The next morning, I was a new person She gave him her naughty girl look again, and added, "I'll try to find some way of keeping myself busy

Marge avoided eye contact It didn't matter "That's exactly my point "I'm thinking about inviting my boat partner, too," he said

She sighed `Roll over,' he whispered, `I know what you need to relax He knew there was no point debating the issue further He held me for a long time, then softly began stroking my arms and shoulders "It's natural for women to hold each other, and to kiss and cuddle "Just like that?" Peter asked suspiciously "It said, `the next bottle will be full of gas'!" she said, adding, "that's a fire bomb! That's why Doc called the police "We all have choices I couldn't ask for a better wife and mother for my children; but I think it's time for me to get on with the rest of my life

"I almost cried when I saw that dear old man standing in the living room talking to two police officers "Jesus! What happened?"

"Nothing He took a deep breath He filed another complaint with the police, and the investigating officer took photographs of the offending object from every angle before removing it

Marge overheard Peter's end of the conversation, and said, "Jesus, aren't you getting enough at home?"

Peter grinned at her She gave Peter her sideways 'I've been a naughty girl' look, and said, "It was the most natural thing in the world for him to tuck me in again after that awful scare "

"How can you not be sure about a thing like that?"

"Well, it started off like the night before "


"Because women are different," she said stubbornly When you do, give me a call "Do what?"

"I guess I forgot to mention that part," she said "I know I must seem young to you, sir," he said, "but I've been assigned to the hate crimes division for six months, and I've seen some terrible things Hoping she would think he was only half serious, he added, "I think Gordon is good looking The kids were off doing their thing She stared at him for a long moment

Anne nodded, her perfect oval face was devoid of emotion, but as she turned to look at Peter, her glittering pale blue eyes held his like a magnet She reached across the table for his hands while they waited for their drinks Perhaps selfishly, he thought immediately of his complicated partnership arrangement concerning Love Boat II '"

A vision of his two shipmates embracing and exchanging a loving kiss in celebration of their landfall sprang into Peter's mind "

"And it's unnatural for men to care for each other and to do the same?"

"A man sucking another man's penis is a sin and an abomination against nature," she said firmly You just can't tell

Chapter Eleven

As he had promised, Doc Porter had moved into the Baylis house to protect it while Peter was away Mostly in neighborhoods like Cherry Hill and Rainier Valley, but in some of the better neighborhoods, too "Frankly darling, I know you won't want to hear this, but you should know that I hold you at least partly responsible for Gordon's behavior last night We're long overdue "

Peter sighed and shook his head "

Peter smiled for the first time since walking in the door "The policeman thought so, too," she admitted "

"Look, Doc, it's not so much that I'm broadminded as it is that both of us recognize that the other person is also human, with personal needs and preferences that no single partner could possibly meet "

This was not going well Some of the nut cases that go in for this sort of thing are very dangerous

"We received more awful mail the next day

He felt her warm breath against his lips "I'm sorry about this, Pete; I'm going to miss you," she whispered, still rubbing her body against his He promised to call if the harassment continued, or if there were new developments

Anne had other things in mind "Will it make me horny?"

He was relieved to see her laugh There's no telling what they might do, but I don't think we should assume this was an idle threat! Whoever's behind this is serious!"

Marge nodded "I don't think you've met Gordon, have you?"

"No, I don't think so '

"He did, too

In the morning, he discovered a small wooden cross planted in their lawn when he went out to get the paper


"It won't do any good, and it'll only worry you

She wore a head band, very light makeup and a bright summery frock that made her look even more like a school girl She explained that she had been too concerned for the old man's safety

After the patrol car rolled out of sight, Peter called Doc Can't you accept that?"

She smiled for the first time since they had begun their discussion Anne was already at a back table, waiting for him "Well, I enjoy getting it off with a guy once in a while," Peter said slowly "I was almost hysterical, and Doc made me drink a hot toddy, and cuddled me here on the couch where he had been sleeping Do you seriously think something about the Capitol Hill crowd has influenced him?"

"Yes "And it's bound to hurt you on election day It felt like my insides had turned to jelly and were about to run out on the floor!"

"Did you fuck him?"

"I suppose so, but I honestly can't remember "

Gordon hadn't returned home when Peter called, so he spoke briefly with Anne "Please tell me you'll give up this political nonsense or you really are a soft-headed liberal! In either case, I think it might be best if we didn't see each other for a while, at least not until you get your head straight!" She pressed her body against him again as if to remind him what he might miss, and renewed her grip around his neck '

"You know me Believe me, dear, people don't like it when you drag their faith through the mud "Well, one thing's clear enough, now! I've got to get out while I can "

"He hasn't been involved in anything

Four days before Peter and his crew made landfall on Tatoosh Island, Doc had discovered a swastika painted on the sidewalk in front of the house "Do that again, and we'll have an encore," he warned with mock solemnity She leaned over the dresser, peering short-sightedly into the mirror as she carefully applied fresh lipstick Telling me I don't want to do something is the surest way of getting me to do it I was almost afraid to go into because I was scared something bad had happened to Doc Meanwhile, at home, Marge reported that she had taken Doc as a lover Her jaw firmed Please, for our sake, find a way out of this mess I don't think I have a choice any more

"Don't be silly "Pete, I wish you would drop this foolish idea about helping queers get married Same time, same place?"

"I'm looking forward to it," he said "It's either cowardice "I thought at first they were sort of cute; juvenile, maybe, but cute He shook his head when he saw me come through the door " Her voice hardened

Anne frowned

Rossalino's restaurant was not convenient to Peter's new office, and he had trouble hailing a cab the next day

The officer looked grave

"My nerves were shot," she said " She took a step backward and looked directly into Peter's face "I don't understand "

"Maybe you should," Marge said softly, "but not before you decide whether you're going to stand up to those people! Frankly, I don't see how you can walk away from this now; not after all they've put me through "It's one thing to be kind and understanding with our senior citizens," Peter said, "but this is ridiculous I'm not surprised God gave queers AIDs!"

Peter sighed and closed his eyes

Peter shrugged and held out his hands "

Peter changed the subject, and asked Doc if he could join them for dinner the following evening It would only confirm to the electorate that I'm a person of dubious moral character, and it might frighten the horses He had cautioned Marge against becoming involved with people in his campaign "I was curious whether a man his age could still get it up, so I guess I was sort of playing with him A police car was parked in front of the house Now, I'm beginning to think they're dangerous because people like Gordon are taking them seriously "

Peter gave him a quick version of Gordon's career and described Gordon's family I really wanted to cuddle with him, that night "By all means," he said, "the more the merrier

The telephone had rung repeatedly at all hours, even as late as two in the morning, but when Marge or Doc answered, no one was there, even though the line was open Fleetingly, he wondered what she would say if she knew about Gordon's tentative sexual overture to him a month earlier, or his apparent relationship with Kenny "

Of course, there's a difference!" He paused and took another deep breath I finally fell asleep, and slept until noon "

Peter thanked her, saying ruefully, "I don't think you have that much to worry about; nobody seriously believes my family corporation idea will get anywhere, whether I'm elected or not "

"What did it say?" Peter asked, when she paused "And those are?"

The muscles in her face worked Forgetting her painstaking efforts with lipstick moments earlier, she impulsively mashed her wet open mouth against his, capturing his lower lip between her teeth "Remember, Marge and I went through something like this a couple of years ago, and we almost called it quits, too "

"My God!" Peter exclaimed "

She clutched his hands even more tightly, and shook them slightly for emphasis in the cadence of her speech "

Marge gave Peter another of her cute little girl looks, but said nothing She modestly pulled the wrinkled sheet over her lap and said quietly, "Gordon and I are separating "You know how I feel about men kissing and all the other perverted things they do

Anne was dressed and had combed the long hair that set her face off so dramatically "On a different subject, Anne," Peter added, "are you still pissed at me or do you think we might have lunch tomorrow?"

"I'd like that, Pete "

"Like hell, you do!"

Apart from erotic pillow talk, Marge didn't often swear, but when she did, Peter knew it was important to pay attention Look at the trouble it's already caused I hate to say this, but when a man as smart as you claims not to see alternatives on something like this, it can mean only one of two things What the two of you may decide to do in the future is neither my business nor my concern "

"You mean after all we did for you this afternoon, you're still horny? You're really depraved, woman!"

Peter was glad to hear her laugh again "What do I have to do to get you to forget those crazy ideas of yours?" she whispered Stupid people can't always see them, but you're not stupid I don't want her to get any madder at me than necessary "

"Is that what you think I'm doing?" he asked, "mocking someone's religious convictions?"

She nodded When he crawled into bed with me, he felt like a great warm woolly Teddy bear He stared unseeingly at the thin beige carpet beneath his bare feet, and unconsciously began moving slowly toward the bathroom " Peter said, more to himself than to her That's why It was always distressing to discover blemishes in a loved one "

"What did it say?" Peter's tone hardened "I don't know about that," she said, "but it makes me horny, just thinking about it It was obvious they weren't going to settle this while he was standing naked in the middle of the room Things are sort of at the delicate stage, just now, since I'm between engagements as they say "I think he might have some useful ideas," he said They exchanged greetings and Peter thanked him for looking after Marge while he was away I don't know when I've felt more refreshed, more revitalized He went to great lengths to assure me that things would go much as we had planned; the kids in college, and I could continue doing all the things I wanted to do She took a deep breath She was becoming very angry

Synopsis: Peter, Gordon and Kenny have successfully delivered "Love Boat II" from San Francisco to Seattle Only please don't do it in public "

"Before you do that, lover, maybe you'd better hear about the rest of my experiences with the old man Those were frightening days I made the policeman who put the note into a glassine envelope show it to me Is possible that you could put this wonderful new affair on ice for a while? It could cost me the election if Sam found out about it

Peter ordered a martini for himself and a Shirley Temple for her Did she tell you?"

"She usually does," Peter replied "Look," he said, "let's not spoil our lunch "

"Well, maybe it was just a spur of the moment fancy that will pass "

"I suppose you're right, Pete," Marge replied We were watching TV after dinner "

Peter smiled inwardly at that, thinking it was a good thing Kenny was young and in robust health "Of course you have," she snapped That night, the phone calls kept Doc and Marge awake until 2:30 "Look," he said, "be reasonable `A note was inside Anne went to him and tightly wrapped her arms around his neck "That's all there is to it!"

Peter finished knotting his tie "Believe it or not, I really do care for you "

Hearing that, Marge made a face at Peter, but Doc laughed again "


"He sure could! But that wasn't the best part "I don't see how I can Maybe I should give Doc a call Suddenly, he said, `Are you sure you want to do this?'"

"I don't understand," Peter said "

After two passionate hours of delicious sex on the tired sheets of Seattle's shabby old Ambassador Hotel, Peter stood and looked at Anne, who was sitting up, smoking her after sex cigarette, her thick, auburn hair framing soft little brown-tipped breasts still moist with the heat of her passion That's the strange part

A low, throaty chuckle ended a brief, possibly embarrassed silence He had known she was homophobic, but he wished he hadn't heard her repeat the conservative mantra about AIDs "

She paused, and looked at Peter strangely

Peter had started toward the shower, but he stopped She promised to have Gordon call as soon as possible "Don't you have any idea who might be behind this harassment?"

Peter shook his head, and told the policeman about the bottle incident a few days earlier and the telephone calls that Marge and Doc had endured

"Do you think Gordon is gay or is only curious about the possibility that he's a bisexual?"

"Is there a difference?"

"Jesus Christ, woman!" Peter exclaimed, "this is the 20th century Then he slowly said, "Let me think about this for a while " As she spoke, her eyes were fixed on the stained window shade across the room Peter realized almost too late that she was becoming angry "Well, ever since you got him involved with that gay crowd in Portage Bay, he has been acting funny

Minutes later, he emerged from the bathroom after a stinging hot shower, scrubbing his torso and thinning gray hair with a worn hotel towel He shrugged and held out his arms He had taken his teeth out, and when he began chewing on my nipples with his bare gums, I damn near came right then I know it ridicules everything I stand for and believe in," she said earnestly I could give you her name

"I don't know how you really feel about some things, Pete, although you're promoting a very broadminded agenda," the old man said slowly, "but she had serious needs "Besides, what about Marge? Does she know about your perverted ideas?"

Peter smiled grimly as he returned her stare "I got to keep peace in the family, babe "

Anne's eyes paled, reflecting light from the window "

He wasn't sure what she could see at that range, but he knew she was watching him in the mirror over the scarred bureau

"He turned out the lights except the one in the bathroom "OK," she said, "I have other things to talk about, but they can wait until later "I do think so Then he nibbled and licked his way down my body, and the insides of my legs and thighs from my feet up to my crotch Marge, however, had not moved out During the trip, Gordon confessed his bisexual interest in Peter She asked me to call before we went to Sausalito to get the boat, and I never got around to it "You make me want to vomit," she said in open disgust

"Do you think I'm gay?" Peter asked, as he balanced on one leg while thrusting the other into his trousers Her lips suddenly were very thin "I was amply compensated "Let's not quarrel, lover," she murmured into his mouth "

She shot a venomous look toward him in the mirror "

"What else did he say? Does it have to do with us?" Peter demanded "

Anne shook her head "But you know, I'm still not sure whether we had sex He gave me the most delicious massage, backrub, or whatever you want to call it, a girl could ask for Maybe the three of us could have some fun one day Has he left?"

"Not yet"

calm down dude, drink some water take a nap, and when you wake up it will all be over and normal again
(i hope so for ya)


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Why you gotta taunt CFB like this.

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stop it cory

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Bukkake Tsunami wrote:
stop it cory

ok let me go hop back in time and not post this.

:fu: archive

calm down dude, drink some water take a nap, and when you wake up it will all be over and normal again
(i hope so for ya)


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Did anyone actually READ that?

I hate you. I hate everything you stand for. I hate your family. I hate your ancestors. I hate the fact that you are alive.

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No, fuck him and his pansy fest.

buck Satan is my hero.

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