whos played a gibson explorer

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whos played a gibson explorer

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I played an explorer bass the other day, and the thing that struck me was that if you hang the thing around you and leave it in rest position, the neck tends to point 45 degrees down. Seemingly by the way the bass is shaped. You have to make an effort to keep the thing in a playable position.

As I'm looking into acquiring a new guitar someday, I'd like to know if an explorer guitar has the same behaviour or maybe the shorter neck makes a difference. I want the thing to be in a playable position, so about, I dunno, 40 degrees pointing upwards in a rest position so I'm not currently holding the thing up.

Who knows what I'm talking about?

ps, so far the SG seems most attractive to me, nice high bridge and also playable in a seated position (as opposed to a V, which looks pretty badass but seems uncomfortable to play sitting down)
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